Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Any Moment Now!

The musical is finished and now it's time to get some performances going! I have a few theaters in mind but I need more than just a few. If you know of a venue that would be appropriate for the kind of show we'll be putting on please contact me! We're diving into new territory and all the help we can get will be very much appreciated. We need all the native guides we can get!

Here's a link to the new album, Any Moment Now. It's wonderful. Yeah, I'm a little biased, but if I can listen to it several times a day for 6 months straight then I'm pretty sure it's as good as I was hoping.

After every album release I hit a brick wall. After spending all those hours, days, weeks, and months working at all hours and mining deep into my creative earth I find that what follows is an almost desperate need for inactivity. I still roll out of bed way too early. I still feel the habit of early morning productivity tugging at my brain but the actual, you know, doing stuff proves difficult. After 6 months of “nose to the grindstone”, well, discipline proves elusive. :/

The dishes get done, breakfast is cooked, coffee in drunk, and the cats are snuggled but the recording studio gets turned into a storage room for a month. I open the door to the studio and think, “Oh, man. That's too much. I need to go have a lie down.”

Thankfully, there are shows that need doing, performances that need performing, and that doesn't require the same kind of creative thought. Hell, the shows are so much fun that I have -no- trouble setting aside 72 hours for travel, load in, sound check, loud out, merch tabling, and scrambling for a morsel of food every now and then. Then there's the wrangling of bandmates – making sure they eat, sleep, and show up on time to sound check. Thank heavens for responsible bandmates. They make it all possible.

Well, last night (and this morning) I've cleaned out the studio, thrown away all the detritis of inaction and am gearing up for the next thing. I've got a long list of action items to attend to – things that should have been done weeks ago. I apologize to all that have been waiting for stuff from me. I'm on it!